Audio Note Taker

Turn Disorganized Ideas into Actionable Notes.

Effortlessly capture, organize, and
revisit your audio notes.

Record or upload and your audio notes will be
analyse by our AI to ease your workflow.

Just record your voice and we take care of organizing your ideas..

At VocalJet, we get how important it is to take notes efficiently, reliably and securely. Our web app is full of features to help you be more productive and never miss a thing.

Whether you’re recording voice notes or uploading audio files, we turn your notes into summarised and structured text notes for you.

Automatic Transcription

Imagine being able to focus entirely on the conversation at hand, knowing that every word is being accurately transcribed for you. Our automatic transcription feature leverages advanced speech recognition algorithms to deliver highly accurate transcriptions in real-time.

Smart Summarization

Our smart summarization feature takes the hassle out of sifting through lengthy transcriptions. Using sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) techniques, we generate concise summaries that highlight the most important points of your recordings.

Search your audio

Never lose track of your notes again with our powerful search bar for audio content. Whether you’re looking for a specific quote or an entire meeting transcript, our search function helps you find exactly what you need in seconds.

Multi-Platform Support

Be productive anywhere with our multi platform support. Our app works across all your devices so you can access your notes whenever and wherever you need to.

Social Media Content

Turn your podcasts and audio memos into shareable posts. Whether you’re a podcaster, influencer, or business professional, you can easily extract key quotes, highlights, and summaries to share on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Blog Posts and Articles

Turn your audio into well structured and informative blog posts with ease. Our tools help you organise and refine your transcriptions into articles and save you time and increase your productivity.

Podcast Show Notes

Provide your listeners with comprehensive show notes that summarize the key points and discussions from each episode. This not only improves the accessibility of your content but also boosts your podcast’s SEO and discoverability.

Generate Content fromyour audio notes and memos

With VocalJet, you can go beyond just transcription and organisation.

Turn your audio recordings into high quality content for blogs, social media, podcasts and more. Get the power of your words out to the world in many formats.

Leverage AI for Smarter
Audio Note Taking

Adaptive Learning

Our AI continuously improves by learning from your notes, enhancing transcription accuracy over time and helping you searching through your audio notes instantly.

Context Understanding

Our AI understand the context of your recordings, accurately transcribing industry-specific terms and jargon if required. Saving you precious time by summarizing the information you need for you.

Key Point Extraction

Automatically identify and highlight the most important points from your recordings. No need to listen to your notes over and over again.

Simplify Your Note-Taking,
Amplify Your Productivity.

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