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How to email a voice message

Transform Your Emails
with voice messages

Hit record and get a shareable
interactive weblink with your voice message

Why email a voice message?

Imagine you could convey your thoughts and ideas without typing long emails or scheduling time-consuming meetings. VocalJet makes that a reality with our shareable voice memo recorder.

Now you can email a voice message and make communication faster, more personal and super efficient..

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Typing long emails takes time and is boring. Record your message in a fraction of the time it would take to type. Speak, send and get back to what matters.

Enhance Clarity and Tone

Voice messages capture the tone and emotion that text often misses. Make sure your message is understood exactly as you mean it, not misinterpreted.

Convenient and Accessible

Recipients don’t need a VocalJet account to listen to your message or reply. They can hear your voice memo with one click, and it’s easy for everyone involved.

Record Your Voice Message

Open VocalJet and hit record. Speak your message as you would in conversation. No typing or formatting required – just be natural.

Get your Shareable Audio Link

Once you’ve finished recording, VocalJet will create a unique audio link for your voice message. This link is dynamic, meaning it can be accessed easily by all your email recipients.

Send and Relax

Send your email as normal. Your recipient will receive the email with the audio link and can listen to your voice message with one click. They can even reply with their own voice message and the conversation will flow.

How to Email a Voice Message with VocalJet ?

With VocalJet, replace lengthy emails and inefficient meetings with quick, clear, and personal voice messages.

Ready to Transform Your Communication?

Sign up for VocalJet today and start sending voice messages via email. Faster, clearer, more efficient.

Experience the Benefits of Asynchronous Voice Messaging


Less time typing and reading emails. More time for you. Streamline your workflow and be more productive.


Communicate on your time, not someone else’s. Leave and receive messages anytime, without the stress of coordinating with others. VocalJet fits your schedule, so you can respond when it suits you.


Connect better through the sound of your voice. Build relationships with your recipients by adding a human touch to your messages. Your voice conveys emotion and intent that text just can’t.

Keep your favorite email INBOX
Complete it with interactive voice messages.

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