Send voice memo
by email

Record and send voice memo via email or any channel.

Elevate your communication
with our voice memo sharing feature.

Just hit record, and your memo will be
ready to be shared by email or anywhere you want.

Emails are great but a personal touch will make your message stand out..

That's where voice memos come in! With our innovative and user-friendly platform, you can now send voice memos by email, making your communication more engaging and expressive.


Add a personal touch to your emails by letting recipients hear your voice. Perfect for maintaining clear communication with colleagues, or friends.


Sending a voice memo can be quicker and more convenient than typing out a long email. Perfect to convey information swiftly.


By using your voice, you can ensure that your message is clear and that your tone is properly conveyed. Prevent misunderstandings and improve overall communication with your teammates.

Record your voice memo

Use your device's built-in microphone or a headset to record your message.

Listen, validate

You can easily re-record or trim the audio as needed.

Share instantly

You can record your voice from Gmail. Simply copy/paste your VocalJet audio link on the platform of your choice. We even provide audio to video generation tool to suit all your sharing needs.

How to send voice memo by email?

Ready to bring your email communication to the next level? Follow those 3 easy steps to start sending voice memos by email right away. You'll wonder how you ever managed without our convenient and engaging platform.

Why is sending voice memos a Time-Saver?

Instant Feedback

Voice memos allow you to provide instant feedback or share information on the go. Whether you're commuting, walking, or multitasking, you can easily record and send a voice memo, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to communicate

Faster than typing

Speaking is generally faster than typing, especially when you need to convey lengthy or complex information. With voice memos, you can quickly record your thoughts and ideas without worrying about typing errors or the time it takes to format your text.

No learning curve

Sending voice memos by email does not require any specialized skills or knowledge. If you can use a smartphone or computer to record audio, you can easily send voice memos using VocalJet.

All the benefits from standard emails:
Keep your favorite email INBOX
Complete it with searchable smart voice messages.

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