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Welcome to VocalJet, where we simplify the way you manage and organize your voice memos. Our powerful features, including folder organization, auto-transcription, and searchable audio notes, ensure you stay efficient and productive.

Transform the way you manage your audio notes with VocalJet. Sign up today and discover the power of organized, searchable voice memos. Say goodbye to disorganized notes and hello to efficiency with VocalJet!

Effortless Organization

Create folders to categorize and organize your voice notes. Group related voice memos together, by project, client or topic. VocalJet transcribes your audio notes into text so you can review and reference your notes. Our AI is super accurate so it captures the nuances of your spoken words.

Enhanced Searchability

Find specific voice notes quickly by typing keywords. VocalJet searches the audio and the transcriptions so you get comprehensive results. Our search engine understands context so you get the most relevant notes based on what you’re searching for. Use one search bar to search all your folders and notes and save time and be more efficient.

Optimize Your Workflow

Group notes by projects, clients or tasks so all information is at your disposal. Keep track of important conversations and decisions so you can refer back to key points. Store personal reminders, ideas and to-do lists in one place.

Record Your Audio Note

Click the record button on the VocalJet interface and start speaking. Our platform captures your voice with crystal-clear quality, ensuring that every detail is preserved. VocalJet allows you to review and edit your recordings before saving, so you can ensure your message is just right.

Save and Organize

You can create folders for different projects, clients, or personal categories, making it easy to find your notes later. The flexible organization system means you can always adjust and refine your folders to suit your changing needs.

Transcribe and Search

VocalJet automatically transcribes your audio note into text, making it easier to search and reference later. Use the search bar to find specific notes by keywords or phrases.

How to Create an Audio Note ?

Ready to change the way you take notes? Creating audio notes with VocalJet is simple and intuitive. You can say goodbye to disorganized notes and hello to a new level of clarity and efficiency. Follow these three steps to start capturing and organizing your voice memos effortlessly:

Why recording audio notes instead of typing?

Speed and Efficiency

Speaking is 10x faster than typing for most people so you can get more information across in less time. By speaking your notes you can capture the full context and nuance of your ideas without losing the spontaneity of spoken communication.

Clarity and Detail

Audio notes allow you to express yourself more clearly and in more detail. When you type you may simplify or condense your thoughts to save time and potentially lose important context or detail. Speaking your notes allows you to elaborate on your ideas fully, including all the tone, emphasis and emotion that written text can’t capture.

More Accessible

Recording audio notes can reduce physical strain and make note taking more accessible. Audio recording is a hands free alternative that alleviates these problems. VocalJet’s transcription and organization features makes it even more accessible so you can manage and search your audio notes with ease.

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