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Why transcribe your voice memos?

Transcripts make it easy to refer back to key points without having to listen to the whole memo. Meetings become more productive as you can now share concise updates via voice memos and reduce the need for long discussions. Your team can stay on the same page even when your schedules don’t match.

Whether you’re giving detailed instructions, feedback or ideas, VocalJet makes sure your voice is heard and your words are conveyed accurately.

Save Time. Be More Productive

Typing out long emails or notes can be a time suck and error prone. With VocalJet you can just record your thoughts and send them as voice memos. Imagine getting done in minutes what would take hours. No more long typing sessions, no more missed details. Just speak, send and move on to the next task.

Better Communication

Voice memos capture the tone, emotion and intent that text often misses. By transcribing those memos you get the best of both worlds: the richness of spoken communication and the convenience of written text. So your message is understood exactly as you meant it. Misinterpretations become a thing of the past and your communication becomes more powerful and effective.

Be More Productive

Goodbye long meetings and endless email threads. With VocalJet you can share detailed voice memos that colleagues can listen to and respond to at their leisure.

Simple Recording

Open VocalJet and start recording your voice memo. When you’re done, send it via email with a dynamic audio link. The recipient will get an email with a link to listen to your voice memo. The transcription is automatically available alongside the audio link so the recipient can read or listen as they prefer. Keep a summary and text version for your own usages.

Listen and Reply

Recipients can listen to your voice memo with one click even if they don’t have a VocalJet account. They can also reply with their own voice memo making communication more dynamic and interactive. This user friendly experience means even non techy people can engage with your messages easily.

Accurate and Reliable Transcriptions

Our advanced transcription technology ensures your voice memos are transcribed accurately, everything is captured. The AI driven transcription service learns and adapts to your voice, gets better over time. This means you can trust VocalJet to handle complex terminology and diverse accents, so your communication is always clear and understood.

How to Transcribe a Voice Memo ?

Ready to change the way you communicate? Sign up to VocalJet and start transcribing voice memos today. Save time, get more done and make your messages more powerful. Our simple platform requires no technical skills. Just sign up, start recording and see the magic happen.

Who can benefit from asynchronous voice memos ?

Busy Professionals

Get your workflow back on track by transcribing meeting notes, project updates and client communications. VocalJet lets you focus on what matters most – your work – while ensuring all your communications are recorded and easily found. No more lost notes or forgotten details. Everything is stored and transcribed for quick reference.

Remote Teams

Share voice memos that can be transcribed and referenced later. VocalJet bridges the distance gap so your team can communicate as if they were in the same room. Transcripts are a written record of all communications which is super helpful for team members in different time zones or who need to go back and reference a conversation later.


Anyone who values their time and wants to communicate more effectively will love VocalJet. Whether you’re a student recording lectures, a manager updating the team, or just someone who prefers speaking over typing, VocalJet will adapt to you and your communication.

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